Extra Block Types (EBT) - New Layout Builder experience❗

Extra Block Types (EBT) - styled, customizable block types: Slideshows, Tabs, Cards, Accordions and many others. Built-in settings for background, DOM Box, javascript plugins. Experience the future of layout building today.

Demo EBT modules Download EBT modules

❗Extra Paragraph Types (EPT) - New Paragraphs experience

Extra Paragraph Types (EPT) - analogical paragraph based set of modules.

Demo EPT modules Download EPT modules



Drupal Training Day - How to create EBT module

Event Date

EBT (Extra Block Types) modules help to create landing pages with Layout Builder. Here is list of EBT modules:
Accordion / FAQ, Basic Button, Bootstrap Button, Call to Action, Carousel, Counter, Image Gallery, Quote,  Slick Slider, Slideshow, Stats, Tabs, Text, Timeline, Webform, Webform Popup.

Drupal Training Day - 28 February 2023, 20:00 - 21:00 UTC:
- EBT modules overview 
- How to create new EBT module
- How to extend existing EBT modules.

Drupal Training Day - November 25, 2022

Event Date

Hi everyone!
Drupal 10 is coming soon, and we could not be more excited to share it with the Drupal community!

Drupal Training Day - 25 November 2022, 15:00:
- Help with Drupal installation and setting up
- Prepare environment for Drupal installation (Lando, XAMPP, MAMP, Open Server, etc.)
- Drupal local installation
- Drupal 10 new features (CKEditor 5, Content Moderation)
- Content editing with Drupal: Layout Builder and Paragraphs approaches.