DrupalBook project was started in 2010 as free online book about creating sites on Drupal. It was originally created in Russian and placed on DrupalBook.ru domain, but now you can find Russian versions of articles and videos on drupal.ru site in documentation section:


DrupalBook contains articles about Drupal site building and module development. Some articles have screencasts, but they mostly are in Russian.

Also DrupalBook will helpful for building online stores on Drupal Commerce and Ubercart as for programmers, as for site editors.

Ivan Abramenko, Author, Drupal Developer

Ivan Abramenko

- I am a professional software developer.
- I have experience developing on a variety of Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 sites.
- I've also written contributed modules on Drupal.org, and contributed to Drupal core development
- I'm comfortable implementing contributed and custom modules in Drupal.
- I believe in keeping things maintainable, cleanly written, and reliable.
- I am a big fan of agile software development.
- I am very comfortable with git, composer, PHP, bash, SASS, Javascript, and am a self learner and can pick up new technologies quickly.
- I'm very comfortable working in Linux based systems.

I am open to remediation and cleanup of existing sites, or helping to create and launch new sites. I have experience using platforms like Pantheon, AWS, Google Cloud Platform. I'm also happy to hop into your custom built server.

I am comfortable working alone or with an existing team of any size. I'm able to interface and communicate with non-technical staff when necessary.

Please feel free to reach out if you have a project that you're interested in discussing!



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