05/02/2023, by Ivan

Extra Block Types (EBT) modules are number of Drupal modules expired by Guttenberg, Elementor, WP Bakery page builders. In combination with Layout Builder, these modules make it effortless to construct landing pages.

Here is list of available EBT modules:

You don't need to install all of these modules, just take what you need for your site. All EBT modules can be used separately from each other. Each EBT module will create own Block Type with own Paragraph types.

You can also easily extend existing EBT block type or create new one. I will be glad to include your changes for EBT modules!

If you want to download all EBT modules with composer at once, you can use this command:

composer require drupal/ebt_accordion drupal/ebt_basic_button drupal/ebt_bootstrap_button drupal/ebt_cta drupal/ebt_carousel drupal/ebt_counter drupal/ebt_image_gallery drupal/ebt_quote drupal/ebt_slick_slider drupal/ebt_slideshow drupal/ebt_stats drupal/ebt_tabs drupal/ebt_text drupal/ebt_timeline drupal/ebt_webform drupal/ebt_webform_popup

Thank you for using EBT module! I will be glad for any ideas for EBT modules:

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