06/03/2023, by Ivan

EBT CTA Drupal module overview

You can download EBT Click to Action from

Or use composer:

composer require drupal/ebt_cta

EBT CTA contains all EBT module features including DOM Box, background color / Image / Video, Edge to Edge settings:

Drupal 10 white logo

Drupal Community

Drupal is powered by an open source community

Right aligned Image


Drupal EBT modules

Add Extra Block Types provide DOM Box settings

Edge to Edge CTA block

Cover image

Combine settings from EBT Core and EBT CTA

You can use EBT Core settings for Edge to Edge blocks

Styles for button

EBT Link settings

CTA Button settings

You can select styles for button in settings or add custom CSS class and write own CSS styles.

Thank you!

Thank you for using EBT modules! I will be glad for any ideas for EBT modules:

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