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Joint shopping site

24/02/2020, by Ivan

Joint purchase is a term that means a public invitation from the Organizer of the Forum participants to the wholesale purchase of certain goods with some margin in favor of the Organizer, which incurs costs for the collection, redemption and distribution of goods. In other words, an organized purchase of goods at wholesale prices.

A joint venture is not a store, it is just a collective purchase of goods at a manufacturer’s price through the Organizer with a minimum wrap (in fact, an organizational fee).

Joint Purchase - is not a commercial enterprise !!!!!!!
Organizer - a person who takes on the organization of a joint venture
Joint Purchase participant - a person who ordered and subsequently paid to the Organizer
Payment - Wholesale price + percentage assigned by the Organizer for the purchase of goods from the supplier.

It's no secret that the retail prices of goods in stores are significantly higher than the wholesale prices of large suppliers and manufacturers of these goods. But an ordinary person cannot purchase goods directly from wholesalers at the lowest price — they do not sell at retail, and there are other restrictions — often goods (for example, clothes or shoes) are sold only in “size ranges”. When a certain number of people who are interested in a product of the same company come together, the minimum volume of a wholesale batch can very well be achieved. This is called “Joint Purchase.”

Now you can create your site for joint purchases. Gather people in order to buy things cheaper or sell things and make money on it. The site for joint purchases is implemented in the style of social networks with user pages, discussions, private messages. Orders for things are left in the comments, and the comments themselves can be tracked on a convenient tracker. To upload photos to the site, a convenient multi-upload form is available, and you can leave a comment under each photo.
Well, a pleasant site is made on Drupal, so it is simple and easy to manage.