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4. Drupal Commerce - Online store module for Drupal

27/08/2019, by mikhail

Drupal is great for developing small and medium-sized online stores. Commerce module:


and Ubercart:


These modules have only the basic functions of an online store. You also need to design the look for your store. You can, of course, take the theme for Drupal or immediately for Drupal Commerce, but even this does not guarantee that you will be satisfied with the basic functionality and you will not want more functionality.

In the DrupalBook.org tutorials, we will look at Drupal Commerce and Drupal Ubercart modules for creating online stores. We install and configure the related modules for adding carts to the website, placing and managing orders, payment, delivery, change the appearance of the product page and categories.

I suggest starting with the Drupal Commerce lessons because it is more popular. Of course, we will analyze Drupal Ubercart, but later.