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Online store

24/02/2020, by Ivan

An estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchase goods online. 63 percent of shopping occasions begin online. Nearly half of the consumers shop more on mobile than in-store.

Online Store Benefits

  • saving personal time
  • possibility of work 24 hours a day
  • vast customer base geographically

Varieties of online stores

online stores that exist only in the global network
online stores that complement the real-life offline store
The online store can be configured in several languages and be able to pay in different countries. Thus, it is obvious that the effectiveness of the “promoted” online store will be high. Indeed, the modern capabilities of mail allow you to send goods anywhere - the only question is the cost of delivery.

Payment in the online store

The payment mechanism depends on the audience for which the online store is designed. At the moment there are several payment mechanisms - through credit cards, through electronic payment systems (PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout) and by bank transfer. All of them can be integrated into the engine of the online store, but you need to choose the most relevant for a particular target group.

What you should pay attention to

User registration. It should be as simple as possible. Nobody wants to spend their time on endlessly filling out the fields of the questionnaire. E-mail, name, contact phone - this is quite enough. If the specifics of your activity requires you to get more information, fill out this offer in the form of a footnote, or build an online dialogue with the client so that this information is given to them only after a personal conversation by phone.

Payment system. For the convenience of the client, you should use all payment methods with which you can work. Use electronic payment acceptance systems (for example, Paypal), as well as cash payment after delivery of goods. It is necessary to meet customers and ensure absolute convenience of payment for them - in the end, this is your money.

Product Search. It should always be easily accessible. The user should be able to activate the search with one click, no matter in which section he is. When compiling a search, do 2 options - short and detailed. A quick search is one field for entering one parameter (for example, the name of a product or service). A detailed search takes into account the maximum number of product characteristics (for example, price, weight, size, name, year of manufacture, etc.) Remember - the search should be quick and convenient, and its results accurate and not confusing to the user.

Display (description) of the products. Whatever your products are, they require the most detailed description. Most likely, potential buyers will search the Internet not for your electronic store, but for the products presented in it. Forming a request for search engines, they will enter the name of the goods they are interested in in the search bar and as a result will receive a link to your online store. A potential buyer will at least drop by to read the specifications, and if you satisfy his request, he will probably make a purchase.

Description of goods in the online store

The product description includes a text description and a photo. The text description should be as meaningful and accurate as possible. The image of the product should be of high quality, allowing you to make out the details so that the buyer does not have the feeling that he is buying a "pig in a poke." In the absence of an image of the goods, there should be a drawing nicely designed to match the style of the store, indicating the fact of the absence of an image (with the inscription “no image”, etc.)
Contacts. Contacts should always be in sight, from any page of the site - as well as search. They need to be displayed both in a separate section and in the header. When you do not need to search for a phone and e-mail, this is not annoying and, perhaps, prompts the visitor to call and clarify everything so that it is faster. After the call is completed - it all depends on you. In the "contacts" section, you can leave all the information at your discretion, including Telegram, Skype, a map, etc.

Website sections

Do not forget that the purpose of the online store is to sell goods. Therefore, all unnecessary, as well as reference information for the client should be in the appropriate sections. Separate it from the store itself, do not place it on the main page. When a person comes to the main page of the store, he is invited to make a choice of goods, but not to read news or help. Make your site as simple and convenient as possible.
Starting the development of an online store, put yourself in the place of the buyer. Knowing the product and the target audience, do not be afraid to be the first to offer the user any convenience, innovation, ahead of your competitors. Be careful, follow every little thing, and most importantly - accept criticism about your online store from any objective sources, making timely conclusions.