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5. Drupal and SEO.

28/08/2019, by mikhail

If you decide to create your site or even you have already created a site. But what if your site is not visited? You are not the first to create a site, and most likely not the first to create a site specifically for your subject: tourism, cars, real estate. And most likely there are already dozens, if not hundreds, of sites similar to yours. Each of your business competitors already has a website. Well, if you already have an audience, there are sites that are doomed to be forgotten and lost.

In order for people to start visiting your site, and even better customers, you need to do promotion of your site on the Internet. The most popular type of website promotion is search engine promotion. It is with Google that most of the users begin their searches for the information they need. For the issuance in the top ten there is a constant struggle, and the more popular the request, the more difficult this struggle. But let this not upset you, everyone can find their sphere on the Internet, find their customers.

In this section, we will promote your site in search engines. We will call this SEO boost from the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. If you do everything gradually and constantly develop your site, filling it with information that will be useful to your potential customers, then your site will gradually get into the tops even by popular requests. And now let's gradually take apart how to promote your Drupal site in search engines.