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Drupal decoupled. Building backend on Drupal.

31/12/2018, by Ivan

Drupal is dynamically developing platform. Drupal developers try to follow all modern trends and decoupled applications one of them. It's already habitually to see backend API based on Drupal and javascript framework (React, Angular) on frontend. Even medium sites for small companies use this approach.

Drupal 8 Decoupled

Decoupled Drupal also allows to create separate website and mobile application based on the same API:

Drupal 8 Decoupled

So you can also use Drupal as backend for mobile applications too. It's not required to remove monolithic Drupal frontend based on Views, Panels, Display Layouts modules, you can continue to use Drupal frontend and include React library only for one page, for example search with Google map. 

Drupal decoupled

It will not be decoupled Drupal, but it will be hybrid website, which you can decouple step by step, move frontend to javascript page by page.

Modules for creating API are inclueded to Drupal core starting from version 8.x. So you can build your own backend API immediately after drupal has been installed.

In this course we will build API for Single Page Application (SPA) with lists of news, events and filters for them based on Drupal and modules Webservices, JSON API, RESTful, Views and others.

Let's start to build our API based on Drupal!