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7.1. Themes builders Drupal 8

11/09/2019, by mikhail

Drupal is not only a CMS, it is a platform for developing your web application. If you decide to create your own theme, then you will find several frameworks for this. In this article we will consider the most popular of them.




Bootstrap is the most popular framework from which you can make your own theme. It provides a set of CCS, grid grids, javascript / jQuery plugins. You can quickly place the blocks of your site on the layout and arrange them.



The most popular constructor theme for 6-7 is Drupal. In version 8.x-7.x there is a customized tusk runner gulp.js, which can be very easily launched through PhpStorm. Compiling SASS is done through libsass, which means you don’t have to bother with Compass anymore.



A very popular theme is a framework that includes a configuration generator (the configuration is stored in files), LESS / SASS styles, mobile-first layout. If you have a choice between Omega and Bootstrap, then you should build on the layouts on which the site will be built. If the layouts are not made on the grid and you need to make them pixel perfect, then you should use Omega. If you have a more or less free layout with an orientation more towards the basic set of elements from which the site will be made, then feel free to choose Bootstrap.

Adaptive Theme


A simple start-up theme with an admin panel, where you can set the sizes for each type of device for which the site is designed. With this topic, it’s good to start learning Drupal or make very simple sites. But for something more, take Omega or Bootstrap.