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1.11 Forum: Create a forum on Drupal

06/08/2019, by mikhail

Forums are not as popular as before, although they remain popular for torrent trackers and joint purchase sites, technical support. Here is such a simple but ready-made forum can be done on Drupal in 5 minutes

drupal forum example

In order to add a forum, you need to enable the forum module:

Drupal 8 forum

After that, we will immediately have a forum available at the link


Now let's add the containers of our forum and some additional sections. To do this, go to the edit page Structure — Forums:


Drupal forum

Let's add the Design, Programming containers and then the Phoshop, Fireworks and PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML forums in these containers.


Drupal forum

And in the new container we add the forum:


Drupal add form

And so we add the rest of the containers and forums inside them.

drupal forum order

The order of the forums we can change with the help of crosses, by simple drag and drop. As a result, we will have such a forum:

drupal forum

You can now add forum topics here:


Drupal add topic

Forum settings

On the forum settings page, you can set the number of Topics per page, Hot discussion threshold (topics with a large number of comments will be shown in a special block that can be displayed in the block settings). You can also set how comments will be displayed first new or old first.


Forum permissions settings

Drupal allows you to flexibly configure access to various functionalities. It is best to leave the ability to create forum topics only to registered users, so that it is more difficult for spammers to leave their spam messages. Answers on the forum are also best made available to registered users. But I think you can leave the viewing to everyone.


drupal forum permissions

drupal forum permissions

Forum Blocks

The forum provides us with several blocks:


Drupal forum blocks

Active forum topics are topics in which there are many posts.

New forum topics show new discussions.