08/19/2019, by mikhail

We have already dealt with the Display Suite module, which allows you to organize the output of the content type in several columns.

Now we will consider the Page Manager and Panels modules, they allow you to display in the column not only the content type, but also additional blocks on the page. This is especially convenient for the home page of the site, where we place various announcements of news, blogs, articles.

Let's enable the following modules of Chaos Tools, Page Manager, Layout Plugin, Panels:





Unlike Panels 7th version of Drupal, Panels does not have a UI, we add pages through the Page Manager module. The panel theming is also different, now we use the Layout Plugin module, which allows you to define plugins through YAML files, we will discuss how to add your own template for a panel in the next lesson, but for now we will use panel templates built into Panels from several columns. Thus, we can set different css code for the content and configure it all through the admin panel.

Documentation for creating new templates for Panels:


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