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3.8. Display Suite: Node output builder.

16/08/2019, by mikhail

You probably already know how to add new content type, fields, and that in Drupal you can display these fields in different ways. If not, you should read or see articles on this topic:

1.1 Site materials,content types, nodes.
1.5. Taxonomy - Taxonomy, dictionaries and terms
1.7. Field, Entity - working with fields and entities.
1.8. Image: Work with images, presets.

But to the basic features of Drupal, you can also use the Display suite module:


It allows you to display fields in a specific template, for example, in 2 columns with a header and footer, or even in more complex templates. Let's make an announcement content type and display a beautiful ad page through the Display suite module.

Display Suite requires a Layout plugin:


First you need to enable the Display suite module:

contact form

Now let's add the content type Announcement with the fields Ttile, Category (taxonomy term), Price, Description, Phone, Photo, Seller name. We get about this content type:

Drupal message board

Now let's go to the Manage display tab.

drupal display suite

In the Layout for ... in defaut tab, select the template we need. For starters, you can try a simple two-column layout.

drupal display suite

Now our announcement has 2 columns:

drupal display suite

The Display Suite module is extensible, you can use it to configure the display of taxonomy, users, and other Drupal entities. It can also be used to configure forms for editing nodes, users, and other entities.