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8. Drupal Ubercart - creating an online store on Drupal.

19/09/2019, by mikhail

Ubercart is an online store module for Drupal. Now maybe there are not enough modules for Drupal Ubercart 8.x (as of April 16th), but soon they will appear and it will be possible to make the store not on the 7th drupal, but on the 8th.


The following functionality is available in Ubercard:

1. Catalog of categories and products.
2. Basket.
3. Ordering.
4. Payment and delivery modules.
5. Tax calculation module.
6. The module of stock balances.
7. Reporting modules.

This is enough for a simple store, everything else (discounts, coupons) can be added with additional modules.


Ubercart is one of the popular commerce modules under Drupal. If you just started developing sites on Drupal, then maybe you are even better off using Ubercart instead of Commerce.


For Ubercard, it’s enough to enable the module and you already have a ready-made store, for Commerce you need to configure the output of the goods, the output of the category, so that something is displayed.

We will compare Ubercards and commerce in more detail in the next article.